Investors Group




The idea was to visually update the marketing collateral shelf to reflect a new Mass Affluent and High Net Worth audience at Investors Group. The team realized both visual identities would need to live in the same space. The creative team developed a holistic design system and language to help business leads discover the new brand.

The immediate challenge was to develop design language to “sell” the holistic design system across all business units. Investors Group is a large company with thousands of employees and many departments. Getting them to endorse the new visual identity required both selling and training on the new system. To help solve this challenge lunch-and-learns were scheduled the marketing department and Brand Swatch Books were handed out to help explain the holistic design system.

The big idea came when the design team matched the visual identity system to the selling cycle at the Advisor level. Suddenly we could articulate when and where to use photography, illustration, and typography.


The unique shape and high quality of the print production helped business leads understand the new visual identity system and how the design elements work together. With a defined Design Language the creative team could defend the system from a holistic level and increase consistency across marketing.