Design + Illustration



This is the next generation concept of the classic Plinko game coming to a mobile phone near you. The vision is to use the device’s 3-axis gyroscope that can detect the angle of the device and effect the movement of the ball. Effects are inspired by traditional pinball games where flippers can change the outcome. Points are awarded based on the ball landing in either: Single, Double, Triple, or Home Run. Based on the leaderboard and performance after three balls, the player gets bonus rounds.

User input that defines game outcomes


Game concept is to develop player inputs on a mobile device. The producer uses the Fannex Portal moderator to pick the winner(s) of the best player developed illustrations during a live game activation. The two games considered for input fields are Caption This and Doodle Cracker.

Fannex Showtime Console User interface


The Showtime Console user interface offers a revolutionary producer-controlled real-time interaction with the audience. Operators can simultaneously control video displays and fan mobile device screens during live events, shows and streams. During live presentations, the operator can switch an audience to view key screens across devices and in-venue videoboard. The advanced design resulted in more flexibility for more than 60 professional sports teams.

Edmonton Elks


The Edmonton Elks contacted Fannex to develop and configure a short animated shuffle game to a synchronized in-venue video board while the fans selected the correct answer on their mobile devices. Sponsor was Tim Horton’s

Blue Jays / MLB


The creative concept was to design two mobile activations based on trivia and a prediction over-under game. The presentation and creative direction resulted in a multi-year contract for Fannex.

Blue Jays predictor game tile for make the call.

HOckey canada / iihf

Hockey Canada with Hockey Canada to provide interactive fan entertainment in connection with the 2022 IIHF World Junior Championship, taking place Dec 26 – Jan 5 in Edmonton and Red Deer. The fan engagement activities included in-venue on the big screen and on the fan’s mobile device. Fannex configured and developed the interactive game with nine different sponsors.

Hockey Canada World Junior Trivia game tile.

Atlanta Falcons


Atlanta Falcons asked Fannex to develop a concept for a new game called Under / Over, using the fan’s mobile device to predict the outcome of six plays of the game using recorded stats.

Atlanta Falcons Over/Under game card.



The illustration project called for a series of drawings depicting the different sports the Fannex platform is used to generate fan engagement across mobile and in-venue experiences. In addition, the series was used to support several presentations to professional teams on the capabilities of Fannex.

Baseball pitcher throwing a 100 mph ball over pitching mound

cDS Technical Illustration


Illustrations visually communicate detailed information about an object or process. The goal was to clearly understand the differences between slow speed and high-speed handpieces. The CDS Illustrations will be leveraged to help sell dental handpiece service. Drawings appeared in a large poster to show maintenance points.



The project created an interactive game index for mobile using a web link. The concept provided the client with game cards in an arcade-style index with more than one action per card.

Additional features included client-defined hex code to change the surface (background), sponsorship cards with a defined 1:1 image container, heading, byline, and all caps text button.

CLEARWATER branding and website


The project called for a full branding project consulting with Web Wizards and developing a branded experience on the web that was responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Email campaign


Successful email campaigns have a targeted audience with custom images and strong messaging relevant to your marketing industry.

Custom illustrations were used to develop the coordinated theme. The multi-touch sales campaign started with email and a call-to-action using gamification principles. The follow-up used direct sales calls to book a demo with a 90-day free trial offer. A strong call to action gets the Game Day Producer to play Trivia using an online URL. Winners were drawn from the Fannex platform.

In-game sponsorship illustration


Hand-drawn typography and a robot illustration were created to help showcase sponsorship opportunities within the engagements using the Fannex NextGen platform.

Game tickets


When Fannex commissioned a new website, game tickets were created for each of the 6 games in their library. The concept was to theme each of the tickets and animate them using SVG animation.

Vancouver Canucks


I created a trivia game for the Sedin brothers’ retirement using the Fannex gamification platform for the mobile in-venue experience.

Fannex Mobile prime player UI


The Next Generation fan engagement platform includes a client portal with a game configurator. In addition, the mobile experience includes Prime Player, allowing fans to collect points and create a profile.

Central Dental Solutions


As part of CDS’ digital transformation, a brand refresh and a new eCommerce website were developed to streamline the sales process and help customers order items online.

IPCO Covid-19 poster


IPCO was looking to create a poster around COVID-19 education. The solution was to create custom icons for each symptom. The final production-ready artwork see-through vinyl cling graphic was installed on a glass door. The icons were also used as part of a more extensive training package.

Argus Industries


Commissioned to create an illustration of a typical transformer showing points for vibration control.

Gamification infographic


An infographic was sent out via email blast to communicate the Fannex platform features and benefits. The communication goal was to show more sponsor recall as fans use a themed game such as Trivia or shuffle on their mobile device. We call this active in-game advertising. In addition, the infographic defined the steps to create a successful gamification engagement: design, attract, engage, convert, measure, and report.

Boston Red Sox


The illustration is done in a vintage style to reflect the history and significance of America’s most iconic ballpark. The badge is the primary graphical element to showcase the platform’s customization potential within the app and the scoreboard.

Vegas Golden Knights


The illustration was part of a pitch to create an interactive multi-media campaign with Toyota’s corporate sponsor. The illustration was a badge to create an overall theme for the campaign.

IG Wealth Management


Create an infographic for the More online magazine featuring Retire Happy.

Rhombus and orbit


Investors Group Creative Services in-house magazine describing the department’s accomplishments and significant projects. Rhombus and Orbit become the name. The meaning behind the name was to encourage the designers to think beyond the company’s corporate Orbit. Good things happen when you orbit and dream up new products and services within the company’s mandate of objectives and goals.

Grow your career


Investors Group wanted to theme their career’s landing page on the client-facing website. The challenge was to develop a potent visual metaphor to support the “grow your career” theme. Mountain climbing tools as a visual metaphor were used as icons to showcase the written content. These illustrations are a good compromise between details and simplicity. These icons need to be shown small and large. Too much detail and the artwork vibrates on the screen, and too little detail starts to look cartoony. The illustration solution was to draw shapes to build the image and not use linework to define the shape.


Caption: The digital web team requested high-fidelity sketches of the concept before inking could occur. We used a common colour pathway for all icons. Credit: _DVH


Caption: Illustrations were vector-based SVG files designed for a responsive website. Credit: OnePlusOne, final ink.


The illustration project resulted in hundreds of hero and secondary images called icons. We developed an illustration specification and methodology so we could engage several illustrators and an in-house team. Illustrations were designed around a central theme that became the hero image and six supporting icons. All artwork was kept in vector to add to the illustration library to create new artwork from existing digital assets. The outcome was a very consistent illustration library. The total cost of the illustration library was approximately $75,000.00.

Purasolutions | Divided Bucket


This illustration series was part of an educational series in cleaning with a divided bucket where the water used to clean the floor is not contaminated with the clean solution.


Caption: The Purasolutions divided bucket and the break-away wet mop details. This was a series of step-by-step drawings to show precisely how to use the equipment. In addition, the illustrations were drawn to specifically demonstrate the features and benefits of the system. 


Caption: The Purasolutions divided bucket and Microfibre training posters.


The illustration project was made into hospital education posters and appeared in various industrial catalogues. The training materials were also launched for Alberta Health Services to help secure a multi-year contract for microfibre cleaning technology.