Time to improve your brand​

Many good companies are addicted to paying for advertising when they should be paying attention to their customers — their brand. Too many leaders depend upon sales promotion to drive sales and are inadvertently training their customers to expect deeper price discounts. Business should not be in a race to finish on the bottom. Regardless of the reasons for paid advertising, strengthening your brand can remove this promotional based dependency.


01 | Have remarkable experiences

Give customers a wow experience — something to talk about long after the touchpoint has passed. Plan your customer journey map with “Wow-Way” stops along each touchpoint.

02 | Have an extreme purpose

Align the brand with values that customers care about such as the environment or social causes. Raving fans are more engaged by what the brand stands for rather than what you sell. Tie-back the profitability of a brand to a purpose for good, makes good business sense. Customers reward brands that are good citizens.

03 | Inspire first from the inside

Begin with the core of the company — its employees. Create internal alignment to the vision of the brand and staff advocacy will soon follow. First, rebrand and appoint brand champions before introducing the brand externally.

04 | Be approachable

The most meaningful brands personify and celebrate people’s diversity. Create opportunities for high-level emotional engagement so the brand’s personality can shine through tangible actions.

05 | Involve your best customers

Brands that co-create with their customers and communities in exciting and unexpected ways learn more because they are open to listening. Customers feel empowered with a sense of ownership when their views create action and change.

06 | Be seen not heard

Brands that weave themselves into the social fabric of their customers’ lifestyles by intercepting rather than interrupting, enjoy more ultimate access to their audiences. What’s more — customers are more apt to seek out communication unaided with brands that are respectful of the relationship.


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