Design isn’t art

The gap in the business of design.


There is an art gap that exists between business people and the creative class. The difference between the groups comes down to the definition of design. The Junior designer fresh out of school tries to create the best art. The business professional will try to ask for a design that solves a business challenge or creates an opportunity. See the difference?

If you are a designer be careful not to create art. Solve the business challenge, and you will gain a client. Many professional photographers fall into this idea that their mastery of the shutter is art. Don’t get me wrong I love and appreciate the skill and patience needed to capture the essence of light, but to an Art Director, the image is raw material for a greater purpose. The Creative Director, in turn, is trying to solve a business challenge the client has in the most compelling way possible. Sometimes trying to create beautiful art for the client is not what they want.

The next time your Creative Team has a disagreement ask your team this: Are we trying to create art or solve a business challenge?


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